DIY Guide to Tint Your Car Windows

Automotive window tinting is really important for every vehicle as this helps to keep your vehicle cooler in the hot and humid summer days, protects the interior of your vehicle and also adds a great value when you plan to sell your vehicle. The best thing about the tint is that like as the paint protection film, this tinting can also be applied by your own.

Things you would need

The window tint film can be found in different places in the market. Besides, you would also require a window-tint film application solution, a razor knife, a lint-free cleaning cloth, an application squeegee, a scraper blade and also a heat gun. Then find out a dust-free place to work in like as a garage and don’t do the job in excessive cold or heat or in a day with high humidity. Most importantly, check your state laws online to find out which windows you can tint legally and how dare you can make these.


Start by applying the application solution to the interior part of the window. But don’t over spray. Then run the scraper blade across the window from one side to another, starting from the upper part and then lightly working the way down the window. This thing will remove the grime, dust and debris. Do it carefully and not to gouge the glass with the help of the blade.


  • Put the application solution of the automotive window tinting on the outer part of the window and then roll the tint film over the car window with the layer of the protective film facing upward.
  • Run the squeegee on the tint as you do in case of installing the paint protection film to ensure that it doesn’t move.
  • In case of sliding windows, roll down the window from the door frame around a quarter of an inch and then cut the sides and the top of the film to shape. Then round off the edges.
  • Next slide up the film around half an inch before you cut along the bottom part. This thing will make sure the coverage beyond the window base.
  • Fix the tinting film to the window corner with a clear tape and then start peeling off the protective liner from the film. Sterilize the adhesive surface of the film as you peel with the help of an application solution. Then discard the protective liner and take out the film from the exterior part of the window and place it inside the window.

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