3 Tips To Consider When Hiring A New Employee

3 Tips To Consider When Hiring A New EmployeeThe fact of the matter is that hiring a new employee is not only a tedious process, but challenging as well; – not only the employer but also to a candidate. Keep in mind that you want to employ someone that is not only qualified but also the best fit for the company. Interviews and selecting candidates is only the first step among many. Research shows that 1/3 of new hires quit their jobs after the first six months. The million-dollar question is; how do you select the best candidate?

1. Can They Deliver?

One of the biggest concerns employers have is competency. The question they ask themselves is can they do the work you want them do? For this reason, it is advisable not to concentrate on technical skills because an employee may have attained his/her proficiency through unconventional methods. Consider asking job specific or related questions rather than generalizing the interview. You should also consider testing their skills like excel spreadsheets, rather than with the office suite.

Openness and honesty to your employee regarding the job should be your number one priority. Determining your candidate’s knowledge about the job is a great way to make sure you have hired someone who knows what they are doing.

2. Their Goals, Achievements And ExpectationsGoals

As you are interviewing them, you should try to identify their goals, achievements and expectations. This technique will give you a clear image of what they want from your company. For example, if you have a candidate with similar goals like that of your company, then you will have an employee with drive. As such, make sure that you ask proper questions to know more.

Research has showed that potential growth is an undervalued quality that often than not is pushed aside for experience. Do not only rely on experience, try to look at all angles to get the best. Ask your candidates why they want to be employed at your company and the reason they are leaving their current place of employment. If a candidate, mentions the benefits and skills they are looking to achieve through your company, then know that, you have a good candidate who is focused.

You will also get good and experienced workers through modern recruitment agencies such as SmartWorker. They will not only help you get the best candidate but also give you an opportunity to select the best out of all available candidates.

3. Workspace Culture
Workspace Culture
The fact is that every company has its own work place culture that is different in some way compared to others. Therefore, it is important to look at their personality, which does play a big role when it comes to them fitting into a company. According to a Forbes article, it showed a 58% greater hire retention if an employer participate in on-boarding a new employee. This is a procedure that ranges from participating in training workshops to meeting new co-workers.

Observe the way new employees are interacting with other staff from the first time they have been employed and their conduct. It is important to note that in an interview room may not be the best place for many personalities to shine.

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