Reward Management – Keeping your Employees Happy and Productive

There are quite a few pieces that need to fall in place for a company to thrive. One of the biggest pieces and the one without which the puzzle will always remain incomplete is a workforce that is happy and productive. You can introduce all the tech you want and spend billions on marketing – if your employees are unhappy and unproductive, you can close the shop today.

But, how do exactly managers and bosses keep their employees happy and productive?

Through reward management, a practice where employees are rewarded fairly and sufficiently for the work they put in. However, this is much more complex than just a dictionary definition, which is why you have this article in front of you.

Doing Salary the Proper Way

The very basic thing you need to institute in your company is a fair and regular payment process where your employees are given their salary regularly and where they are paid fairly for the work they put in. This entails paying everyone the salary they deserve, regardless of their gender, religion or anything else that plays no role in how they do their job. This also entails paying their benefits and giving them a raise when they deserve it.

If you are not paying your people properly, you cannot even begin to expect a happy and productive workforce.


Ensuring Proper Working Conditions

The conditions in which your employees will work will have a huge effect on their happiness and productivity. This is particularly true in manufacturing industries where people’s health and safety rely on how well you set up their working stations. You should always go well beyond the legal requirements and do everything you can to ensure your people work in the best possible conditions. Even if it is just an ordinary office, you can still do a lot for the working conditions. Proper lighting, equipment and some additional amenities will make a difference between employees just mailing it in and really putting in an effort.

Recognition and Appreciation

There is really no point in explaining why employee recognition and appreciation will make those same employees happy and, thus, productive. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and in the workplace, it does not take much to make feel people feel better about themselves by praising their work. A few words of encouragement and kudos for a work well done will make a person’s day, week or even a month.

It should also be pointed out that peer-to-peer encouragement and appreciation will go a long way, too. Because of this, it is essential to promote a workplace culture where people give credit where credit’s due. In most situations, this is something that will happen organically anyway, you just need to promote it.

Rewarding Extraordinary Efforts

In addition to being fair and showing appreciation for employees, it is also a good idea to reward them properly when they go above and beyond the call of duty. Many companies fail to even acknowledge that the people have done something extraordinary and it causes their employees to stop trying because they feel no one noticed it anyway.

For example, it is a good idea to reward top performers and those who have posted exquisite results with one of the numerous options provided by prepaid card providers, like Corporate Prepaid Giftcards or some other type of bonus. Of course, rewarding should also entail a fair promotion practice where people who really deserve promotions and raises get them instead of those who are just office politics-savvy.

In the end, you are doing this for your own company. A happy and productive workforce is the thing that makes true winners in the business arena.


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