Tech companies that are worth to watch for 2017

The tech age is now spread worldwide, and 2017 is bound to be more innovative and connected with development and change compared to other years. There is an expectation of increased automotive tech, connection and important evolution in the technology world.Tech companies that are worth to watch for 2017

There are companies that are worth watching in 2017 which are set to change connection and business, with technological advances being big and dynamic. These are some of them.

LinkedIn company

Earlier in 2016, this company let out a 2017 company recruitment trend account. The report showed a highlight of main updates that recruiters are expected to have knowledge of. At the executing platform, recruiters will play an influential function.

Furthermore, the rostrum will be attentive to the attributes of the applicants, the examining of possible employees and automation.

LinkedIn will also decide how branding will apply and the businesses that will work on it to attract applicants.


The 2nd generation of this company witnessed the release of internal improvements, Global Positioning System and a waterproof creation in September last year. Apple has big plans for improving the Mac and the mobile OS this year. It is expected to give significant hardware upgrades to Mac and the iPad Program.

The iPad Pro will be updated to make it more attractive to the competent class. The screen of the tab is expected to receive tech improvements that will ease scrolling, and it will increase in size. There are rumours that the ‘Watch 3’ will have a front camera.

The new creation is assumed to have a Micro-LED display that will be slimmer, lighter and more bright. Another assumption is that there will be an introduction of 3G/4G to make the new model more self-governing. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and Apple may release something new during the anniversary celebration.

Netflix company

This company’s streaming service will double the number of its original shows this year. At the moment, there exist thirty written series in varying developmental stages.

Ted Sarandoa says that the number of unwritten shows shall improve considerably in the following year. The Netflix company will pay attention to series that will go beyond borders. The company will use almost six billion dollars in 2017, with hopes of achieving 50% content in their original programs.

Google company

This company has been attractive and exciting to monitor and study closely, and this year won’t be any different. In 2017, mobile lookup results will be simpler, suggesting that users will receive the information they require easily.

Starting 2017, web pages that do not have information that is easy to access on the mobile look up results will rank low. The company will require an authorisation profile, search the indexed page and the page content.


This company has for a while, been ranking higher than its competitors, and its trend may just improve in 2017. Sellers are in particular expected to get huge benefits. When it’s about selling commodities, businesses tend to have difficulty in remaining in the lead because of continuous policy updates.

This year might come with raised FBA fees, suggesting that sellers have to track changes in charges on the benefits margin. When necessary, the sellers shall have to make their prices go higher. More expansions into international markets are bound to happen.

It shall be necessary for a seller to do research on the markets that will reap most benefits and launch with strategy. PPC is bound to become crucial to the Amazon company for branding. As a result of the commodity review modifications on the ecosystem, upcoming brands will have to search for other ways to deliver their commodities to consumers.

It will be necessary for a seller to make a budget for paid advertisements on the Amazon website.

Most times, one may have viewed some tech developments or modifications and questioned how they missed them. This is the reason as to why one has to understand the growing trends, what the trends are or aren’t and how they work. For instance, regarding the stock market, one has to take a look at the CMC markets content.

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