Mobile Marketing: Level Up

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. One such change is the massive shift in focus from desktop to mobile users. The reason behind this is quite simple: mobile users are quickly becoming a driving force in the world of eCommerce. Unfortunately, a lot of people still remain unclear of what mobile marketing really is. For those willing to learn and level up their game, here are few ideas you could implement in your mobile marketing strategy.

Make an App

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when we speak about mobile marketing is the notion of an app. While on their phone, an average mobile user spends 85% of their time using apps. Sure, not all apps one has are equally represented. Naturally, there are more popular ones, like Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat, and these see heavier use than the others. However, this creates a no small opportunity for both to collect data and drive sales your way. In any way, developing an app in this day and age is not that complicated. Depending on your needs, you can either hire someone to do this for you or find a drag and drop builder and make an app on your own.

Location-based Campaign

One of the most interesting differences between mobile and desktop users is that the latter ones are more likely to share their location. This is a bit unexpected, taking into consideration how this feature depletes the battery, while desktop users are the ones who don’t change their place. This helps keep targeting people with ads much easier and all location-based campaigns much more effective. As for the users, such practice keeps the ads they receive much more relevant. The way this works is actually quite simple: with the help of a GPS in potential client’s phone, a small business will be able to alert them when they approach a store of interest or a store dealing with a product of interest.

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Automate Your Marketing

Probably the greatest problem SMBs and startups face is the fact that they are terribly understaffed. In order to overcome this difficulty, the smartest course of action would be to automate your marketing. According to experts behind LeanPlum, this works particularly well with the aforementioned location-based campaigns. The reason behind this is quite simple: most of those GPS based notifications couldn’t be done without a proper software. Still, this is just the tip of the iceberg of all possibilities that open up for you once you find a real IT support.

IM Instead of SMS

While this may seem as something that is just too obvious, you would be surprised to learn a lot of companies are still unaware of this. In 2017, messaging apps have almost made SMS completely obsolete, which is something worth considering if you plan to launch a message-based campaign. Furthermore, social media allows you greater insight into who your potential customers are and contacting these people shortly after they have browsed your store can be incredibly effective. This especially goes if you include a coupon or a discount to the mix.

Try New Things

Finally, as you could see from the abovementioned, mobile marketing definitely isn’t an expensive thing. Although this doesn’t necessarily make it into something simple, it does give you a lot of maneuvering space. This means you will be able to try out new things with relative ease, and as a result find the strategy your business benefits from the most.


Naturally, not all of the listed tips are as useful in every industry, but it never hurts to know what your options are. Theory is one thing and what works for everyone else may not be as effective for you. This is why testing things and using several approaches at once may bring you optimal results. Be as it may, the field of mobile marketing seems ripe for the taking.

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