When Choosing a Licensed Moneylender

Usually, majority of people looking for cash at short notices prefer borrowing from moneylenders. However, caution needs to be exercised in choosing the lender. It is vital to look for a dependable, reputed finance company offering loans and avoid getting cheated or landing into troubles. When borrowing funds from an authorized moneylender, the following points should be kept in mind:

Check the license of the lender: Undoubtedly, the business operations of many non-banking lenders are not strictly as per laws of their state. Don’t hesitate to ask the moneylender to show their state license. That helps minimizing the possibility of getting trapped in a scam. Moneylenders having state license for doing their business do not hesitate producing their license for satisfaction of their customers.

Check their capabilities: When you badly need funds, you may lack enough time to verify the credential of the lender. Yet, you should insist on getting some basic information from the lender to confirm if its business is legitimate. You can ask the lender how long it has been in money lending business and their professional qualifications. You would agree it is always better to deal with a competent professional who has long experience in their trade.

Find out business connections of the lender: Lenders having various business connections are better equipped for faster processing of your loan, compared the lenders having small or no business connections. Any approved moneylender would have various sources for funding loans, including mortgage pools, hedge funds, and pools of private equity.

Look for recommendations: While carrying your independent research for locating a suitable moneylender for applying for your loan requirements, you should take into consultations and the recommendations relating to various lenders that you are inclined to approach. You can gather this information from the reviews posted by other clients of the lender, though the most reliable views are through word of mouth. You can know if a particular lender charges more interest than the prevailing market rates. Likewise, you can also k if the lender’s offer has some hidden charges which could surprise you soon after having availed of the loan. It is vital to get all such information beforehand.

And finally, as far as possible, you should approach moneylenders directly, without involving any middleman. The most important benefit of a direct deal is that you are not required to pay any brokerage or commission to the middleman. It also allows the lender to process your application for loan without any hassle. Nonetheless, care should be taken to deal with reputable moneylender and not just anyone you may come across first.


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